Strategic Themes


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Public Realm & Wayfinding

By focusing on public realm and wayfinding, the wellbeing of visitors, employers, employees and residents around the Harley Street Area becomes a focal point of discussion.

The HSAP hope to create an unchallenging experience for all who visit the area by improving public realm and wayfinding around the area. We hope to work on projects such as:

  • Greening projects
  • Improved directional signage at undergrounds
  • Business health checks
  • Zero/low emissions supplier directory
  • Click and collect schemes
  • Hard copy directional maps/literature
  • Lobbying and engaging with TFL
  • Public Realm Study of the area

National & International Marketing

The global promotion of the Harley Street area through international marketing will not only mean extended exposure and visibility but will also bring to the forefront the uniqueness and identity of the area which will therefore allow the HSA to become a global competitor in medical innovation and excellence.

The partnership aims to assist in doing this by:

  • National and international promotion of the HSA as a key destination for medical tourism
  • Promotion of quality of patient care
  • Development of a loyalty card scheme for all who live and work in the Harley Street area
  • Using the unique medical history and technological advancement of the area as a USP
  • Use website for promotional tools for corporate marketing and events
  • Engagement with large London corporate organisations, retail and hospitality who make up a significant portion of the local business community
  • Create social media pages for the HSAP to promote businesses and opportunities in the area

Business Sustainability & Connectivity

A key part of our business collaboration it to be a collective voice for all businesses in the footprint.

The partnership hopes to help promote the area through our business sustainability and connectivity initiative which will seek to:

  • Engage and assist with local business promotion
  • Change the perception of the area to promote the wider sector mix
  • Organise a range of business networking events
  • Engage retailers for loyalty card offers
  • Work with the Met Police to offer range of business crime awareness training
  • Provide a business search map on the website

Safety and Business Resilience

The safety and security of our businesses and colleagues is always of paramount importance. We want people who use the area to feel safe and secure at all times.

In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Ensure our business community is provided with the right tools to be resilient to reflect the changing demands of our business community and the challenges that we face.
  • Work with key stakeholders including the Metropolitan Police.
  • Provide relevant safety awareness training