The free e-prescribing service chosen by Private GPs and Consultants to deliver medication to their patients nationwide

Pharmacierge receive private e-Prescriptions from clinicians, then hand deliver medication to their patients directly, reliably and stress-free. Built on a belief that they should look after their patients as they would their own family, Pharmacierge makes this level of care attainable by everyone who relies on private medicine.

For more than 50 years, its family owners have pioneered excellence in pharmacy services. Now co-owned by its team and leading clinicians, Pharmacierge’s service and technology are recommended by private practices throughout the UK.

How does it work?

e-Prescribing App

Send prescriptions without the need for signed originals

No cost to your practice

Competitive pricing for patients via secure payment link

Delivery included

Free same weekday delivery to London postcodes or 1 – 2 weekdays nationally

Administrative access

Enables secretary preparation of prescriptions for e-signature by clinicians

Prescription status

Delivery updates and tracking


Clinicians can also register for e-Prescribing


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